Drexel Fashion '15

Identity for Drexel University's annual fashion event



Every year, Drexel University‘s Fashion Department hosts a Fashion Show to showcase their student's designs in a runway environment at the Urban Outfitter's Headquarters in Philadelphia. I was chosen by the department to work side by side with them to create the identity of the 2015 show including the invitation materials that were sent out in the mail, posters to create awareness of the show, and shirts that were available for sale.

For the identity of the show, I used the actual fabrics that the students used in their garments and created a bold typeface based off of Helvetica Neue. The layering, rips, and slicing in the wordmark is repeated throughout the entirety of the identity. This can be seen on the back of the invitation and on the RSVP card where the red texture is ripped to reveal a white typography underneath.


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